Wedding Games

Here we would like to explain some wedding customs and get closer. Many of these customs are known, but little is known of their importance and where is their original home. We want to help you choose the right wedding customs for your wedding ceremony or wedding.

  Flower children, Strew Flowers Wedding Tree
  4 Irreplaceables for the bride Wedding Cake
  Bridal Baths Hearty Chicken Soup
  Bridesmaid and Garcon d'Honneur Dancing off The Wreath
  Wedding Dress Morning Gift
  Bridal Veil Eve of the Wedding Celebration
  Bridal Jewelry Rain at the Wedding Day
  Filling of the Brides Shoes Throwing Rice
  Bridal Bouquet Rattling Cans
  Bread and Salt The Veil-Dance
  The Bridal Couple Sees Red Lane of People
  The Bridal Soup The Garter
  The Stork on the Roof Fir, Birch, Chopping
  Eternal Kisses Wedding Ring
  Guests Inviter Carring Over the Threshold
  Spread Sheets Water for the Bride
  Wedding Carriage, Wedding Car  



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