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Wedding Dress

As late as 1900 black was common, but since then white took over and stands for innocence and love. Even if the bride is good at stitching, she should leave that for the tailor for every prick means tears and bad luck. This superstition originated at the time when the bridegroom had to pay for the wedding dress of his bride. If the bridegroom happened to be a poor fellow the bride had no other option than to stitch the dress herself. The marriage therefore was said to be damned on account of the poverty of the bridegroom. The bridegroom may see the wedding dress only on the wedding day. The ancient myth of hiding, disguising and veiling the bliss of the young love from evil demons and spirits also plays a role here. It's also important that the wedding dress may be ready only on the wedding day itself – even in our hectic time and busy schedules. But maybe there is a last button to stitch or a thread to be drawn last minute. This way even this tradition can be maintained. One more thing: the bride is allowed to look into the mirror only after she's completely ready and everything is perfect – taking a glance before that means bad luck. That's why: "Close your eyes!"