Wedding Games

Here you'll find games for your wedding, games for family occasions, get-to-know games und much more! Use our search engine and find your category. We wish you lots of fun visiting our site.

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  Wedding Games Top 10  
  1. Fairytale carriage  
  2. Musical chairs  
  3. Fit-for-marriage test  
  4. Veil dance  
  5. Greeting for every week  
  6. Balloon dance  
  7. Balloon voucher  
  9. Collective art  
1 0. Umbrella dance  
  Customs Top 10  
  1. Saw wooden beams  
  2. Wedding Dress  
  3. Bridesmaids  
  4. Something old, new, borrowed
  5. Flower Children  
  6. Wedding carriage  
  7. The Garter  
  9. Eve of the wedding celebration
1 0. Carried over the threshold  



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