Wedding Games
Wedding games

The various wedding games and suggestions are not inventions of us, but classic wedding games that have almost become a tradition. Some consist to the section "customs", but there is something new to discover for a wedding! Have fun with the wedding games.

  On cloud nine Saw wooden beams
  Balloon bubbles Greeting for every week
  Balloon dance Dance of lights
  Balloon voucher Song stuff
  Puff pastry game Spoons game
  Parents of the bride feed guests Fun animal farm
  Tying the bridal bouquet Fairytale carriage
  Fit-for-marriage test The quiz
  Penny for a bad day Musical chairs
  The dance Umbrella dance
  Turn around Snake dance
  Needle the bottle Veil dance
  Flipper game Veil game mit high five
  Finger marks Smurf control
  Red roses raining for me Shoe relay race
  Find money Flag game
  Collective art Theater / puppet theater
  Hot-air balloon Raffle game with clothes pins
  Pot-pourri wedding Give-on



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