Wedding Games


Fairytale Carriage

Make 2 rows with two chairs each. The narrator of the fairy tale requests 8 voluntary guests for a small fairytale session, i.e. Cinderella, for the narrator has prepared an edited version especially for the wedding couple. Every voluntary gets a word by the narrator and has to get up and circle the 8-person carriage when that particular word occurs in the fairytale. The fairytale is going to amuse the guests firstly because private anecdotes about the couple are being revealed and secondly because the intervals in which people get up to circle the carriage gets shorter by time. It gets even more fun if the same word occurs more than once in the same sentence and the same person has to do the same run multiple times. The one who misses his word is disqualified. The winner gets a beautiful fairytale book with inscription of the wedding couple!

Here's a prefabricated story!