Wedding Games


Fit-For-Marriage Test

Rolling pin or beer bottle? It's already too late after the wedding, but the sooner the better: the Fit-For-Marriage test. The bridal couple is seated on two chairs with their backs to each other. Both get one rolling pin and a beer bottle. The guests ask different types of questions, i.e. "Who is the better driver?" Bride and bridegroom answer by holding up either one of the symbols. Suggestion: in case of consensus, sound a box full of pennies.

Examples – Questions:

  • Who's not good at saying No?
  • Who hit on whom first?
  • Who's more of an outdoor person?
  • Who wants to make up after a fight?
  • Who's more dependable?
  • Who's the better cook?
  • Who's better in financial matters?
  • Who likes to be looked after more?
  • Who's the boss?
  • Who gossips more on the phone?
  • Who cleans up the kitchen after meals?
  • Who more of a bullet head?
  • Who's more understanding or tolerant?
  • Who more of a night person?
  • Who's gonna fall asleep (wedding night) sooner tonight?