Wedding Games


Musical Chairs

Everybody knows this game. For a wedding it would be recommendable to modify this game a little bit. Place two rows of chairs with six in every row and the back of the chair to each other. Put one chair less than the number of the players. All the players walk around the chairs to the music. When the music stops everybody has to look for a seat. The person without a seat has to draw a "monthly voucher" out of a big pot. The pot contains exactly 12 vouchers and every voucher has a task to be done in a particular month. For example: <Write a letter to the bridal couple in May> or <Buy a bouquet of flowers in April for the bridal couple>. The winner of the game has to do something nice for the couple on their first anniversary (i.e. cook something delicious). This way bride and bridegroom profit from their wedding even one year after their wedding!